Choose The Right Car Cover For Your Vehicle

Car cover is one of the best accessories for any vehicle, particularly for those cars which are not garaged. Keep any car out for long and the elements are sure to mar its finish, thanks to nature which tends to mistreat anything consisting of metal, plastic, and rubber. Not just any car cover will do, rather finding one that offers maximum protection is the best course of action to take.

Top Car Covers Offer Maximum Protection

A simple acorn can mar your car's finish. Without going over the various brands of car covers available, let’s take a look at what sort of protection every car cover should provide, particularly one designed for outside use:

  • Bird excrement, squirrel mischief or other wildlife amusement.
  • Tree sap, leaves, and small branches.
  • Residue: rain, snow, sleet, ice, and hail.
  • Flying objects: whatever stuff the wind kicks up.
  • Humans: there is something about a new car that attracts nosy [and dirty] onlookers. Why permit people to lean up against your car and peer into its interior?. If they can’t see inside, they’ll stay away!
  • Solar radiation, particularly direct sunlight.
  • Dust, dirt, and debris or anything else kicked up by the wind.

When comparison shopping for a car cover you should determine the following:

  • Is the car cover custom-fitted for my make/model or is it a generic, one size fits all product? Can you guess which one looks better and offers maximum protection?
  • What level of protection does the car cover offer? Will it protect your car from moisture as well as from harmful solar radiation? Exactly how many layers of material are included? Thin car covers will rip and need replacing in no time. Remember, if you want quality you’ll need to pay for it.
  • Does the car cover come with side mirror pockets? The most expensive ones do and they usually will fit your car the best.

Garaged Cars Need Car Covers Too

Of course there is no substitute for a garaged vehicle. Even then, parking in a garage subjects your car to dust, nicks, and scrapes so a car cover can come in handy for protected cars too.

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