Kia Carens Stylish Exterior

Kia car company has released new models at Paris motor show with new features a stylish exterior with a prominent grille, LED-infused headlights and a sloping roof-line. Despite being slightly smaller than its predecessor, the car has a longer wheelbase which results in a spacious cabin, the new models it’s called Kia Carens. This car its sleek and sculpted design marks a dramatic shift away from the more utilitarian look of its predecessor. The new Carens models has will be available with either five or seven seats, both delivering generous room for all occupants. The Carens is based on the latest Kia Ceed. It’s likely to available in the UK with three engines, including two 1.7-liter diesels and a 1.6-litre petrol unit, all with stop-start. The full UK line-up will be confirmed early. The new Carens has all packaging capabilities of Kia design and engineering teams to create more space in a car with a smaller footprint. It is 20 mm shorter, 15 mm narrower and 40 mm lower than its pre

A Review of Honda City

The first Honda City was launched in the year 1998 and from that period lots of changes has been brought into this car. Honda City Corporate MT is the basic variant with common features such as fuel consumption display, fabric black seat upholstery, power windows, steel wheels and many other qualities. Honda City is one of the best cars that are sold in C+ section. The Honda City is a splendid sedan car which has ruled in its section for more than a decade. In India, the first Honda City was launched in the year 1998 and from that period lots of changes has been brought into this car. Honda City Corporate MT is the basic variant with common features such as fuel consumption display, fabric black seat upholstery, power windows, steel wheels and many other qualities. It is safe as other high-end city variants with ABS-EBD, G-CON and dual-front SRS airbags. Honda City E MT has got a sliver center AC knob, beige seat material, integrated audio system with the front speakers, speed volume,

Mitsubishi Endeavor 5 Star Safety

Mitsubishi Endeavor has announced that a facelift version of the popular SUV. The new model has a free navigation and sunroof package for both versions SE 2WD and AWD. This includes premium seat fabric, a 6-speaker AM / FM / CD audio system with MP3 playback and Bluetooth hands-free voice recognition and steering wheel with cruise control. Please order the Endeavor SE get another astounding 360-watt Rockford Fosgate-6 CD/MP3 sound system. Mitsubishi Endeavor is 3.8-liter V6 with 225 hp at 5 000 rpm and 255 lb-ft at 3 750 rpm rotation speed. The engine is paired with a 4-speed automatic transmission with Sportronic INVECS-II technology. The vehicle is equipped with 5-star safety rating for both driver and passenger. The crash tests conducted by NHTSA. In addition, Endeavor features SRS, ABS, EBD, TCS, and TCL. Last but not least comes the SUV with TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System).

Buy Used Cars

Are you tired of wasting money on car repairs and want to get a used car at a cheap price? Well then here we provide you with the right kind pf information you were looking for all this while. You would find a lot of resources which would provide you with best deals on used cars at cheaper rates. There are number of points that are to be considered while you plan to buy a second hand car. And it is necessary to follow them to be on the safe side. Take sometime to plan on what is your desired budget and the type of car that is exactly required by you. While making the deal you must consider if there is a car insurance and registration done previously Be quick in making the deal, as often situations arises when the car you wanted got sold just before you commenced on the deal Always ask for records of the car repairs so that you get to know if you are about to make the right deal. Keep bargaining with the price, until you think that you have just made the best deal Before making the deal

Noble M400 And M12 GTO-R3, Two Incredibly Fast Supercars

"Staggering" sums up the new Noble M400 and it also describes the Noble M12 GTO-R3. The cars are almost the same, except that the M400 is much more powerful and has been reworked extensively to make it perform better on the race track. But it's still a road car. The performance of these supercars is just stunning a 0-60 time of under 3.8 seconds with a maximum speed of over 170 mph for the M12 GTO-R3 puts it in the league of super-quick supercars. Not fast enough? Well, the M400 has a top speed of around 185 mph, and can reach 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. Light and simple The Nobles are low coupes, with the look you can only get with a mid-engined layout. Above all they're amazing value the M12 GTO-R3 is yours for about $100,000, and the M400 costs about $120,000. These are sports cars in the true tradition of modern sports and racing cars started by the likes of John Cooper, Colin Chapman and Eric Broadley light, simple with good road holding. It just shows that you don

Best Suzuki Mechanic in Asia

Suzuki Motorcycle Service Skill Competition Asia was attended by no less than 28 participants from 11 countries in Asia. Suzuki Motorcycle Service Skill Competition Asia was held at Thai Suzuki Motor Co ,. LTD, Thailand. The purpose of this event is to test and improve the abilities of mechanics. The desired increase is to be able to provide the best service to loyal Suzuki customers in every country in Asia. With the existence of a reliable mechanic, it is expected that consumers can gain trust. Suzuki Motorcycle Service Skill Competition Asia event is divided into two categories. The first category, category A, is for mechanics who handle motorbikes of 650 cc and above. Then there is category B for mechanics who handle motorbikes of 150 cc and below. The test of the ability of the Suzuki Asia mechanics is divided into several tests. First is the written test. This test is done to find out how much the mechanics know about service. Then the test is continued with On-Parts Examination.

Porsche Panamera, Four Door, Four Seater Grand Tourer

Porsche Panamera: This is a great name for a supercar that will become a trend setter among four-seater coupes, with plenty of power, generous space for four people, and flexibility in use. At last, Porsche has taken the wraps off the long-awaited Panamera, and the car is as smooth a design as you could want, and very clearly a Porsche. This new supercar is 6 inches (150 mm) longer and 1.8 inches (46 mm) taller than the Bentley Continental, which is one of the few very high performance four-seater supercars available. However, it is the same length as the Jaguar XF, but about 2 inches lower. Clearly, the Porsche Panamera will have generous space inside. Panamera looks like typically Porsche The nose is typically Porsche, with a wide, low grille flanked by a pair of quite large air intakes, a smooth nose without a visible bumper, and fair in headlamps. The grille slopes back, and has a slight bulge in the middle to leave room for the engine. Side air extractors behind the rear wheels gi