Kia Carens Stylish Exterior

Kia car company has released new models at Paris motor show with new features a stylish exterior with a prominent grille, LED-infused headlights and a sloping roof-line. Despite being slightly smaller than its predecessor, the car has a longer wheelbase which results in a spacious cabin, the new models it’s called Kia Carens.

This car its sleek and sculpted design marks a dramatic shift away from the more utilitarian look of its predecessor. The new Carens models has will be available with either five or seven seats, both delivering generous room for all occupants.

The Carens is based on the latest Kia Ceed. It’s likely to available in the UK with three engines, including two 1.7-liter diesels and a 1.6-litre petrol unit, all with stop-start. The full UK line-up will be confirmed early. The new Carens has all packaging capabilities of Kia design and engineering teams to create more space in a car with a smaller footprint. It is 20 mm shorter, 15 mm narrower and 40 mm lower than its predecessor, but a 50 mm longer wheelbase, coupled with a more cab-forward design, which means the base of the A-pillar is now just above the front wheel center line provides more space for all occupants. The overall height of 1610 mm is one of the lowest in the class and is identical to that of the Kia Soul.

The compact 6-speed automatic available with the higher-powered diesel and petrol engines was engineered and is manufactured in-house by Kia. It has a manual sport mode with optional paddle-shifters on the steering wheel.