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Porsche Panamera, Four Door, Four Seater Grand Tourer

Porsche Panamera: This is a great name for a supercar that will become a trend setter among four-seater coupes, with plenty of power, generous space for four people, and flexibility in use. At last, Porsche has taken the wraps off the long-awaited Panamera, and the car is as smooth a design as you could want, and very clearly a Porsche. This new supercar is 6 inches (150 mm) longer and 1.8 inches (46 mm) taller than the Bentley Continental, which is one of the few very high performance four-seater supercars available. However, it is the same length as the Jaguar XF, but about 2 inches lower. Clearly, the Porsche Panamera will have generous space inside. Panamera looks like typically Porsche The nose is typically Porsche, with a wide, low grille flanked by a pair of quite large air intakes, a smooth nose without a visible bumper, and fair in headlamps. The grille slopes back, and has a slight bulge in the middle to leave room for the engine. Side air extractors behind the rear wheels gi

Choose The Right Car Cover For Your Vehicle

Car cover is one of the best accessories for any vehicle, particularly for those cars which are not garaged. Keep any car out for long and the elements are sure to mar its finish, thanks to nature which tends to mistreat anything consisting of metal, plastic, and rubber. Not just any car cover will do, rather finding one that offers maximum protection is the best course of action to take. Top Car Covers Offer Maximum Protection A simple acorn can mar your car's finish. Without going over the various brands of car covers available, let’s take a look at what sort of protection every car cover should provide, particularly one designed for outside use: Bird excrement, squirrel mischief or other wildlife amusement. Tree sap, leaves, and small branches. Residue: rain, snow, sleet, ice, and hail. Flying objects: whatever stuff the wind kicks up. Humans: there is something about a new car that attracts nosy [and dirty] onlookers. Why permit people to lean up against your car and peer into

The Benefits of Car Tuning

Usually, it is the desire of all drivers to have car that we offer the best performance. However, high levels of performance may be limited when the car first manufactured. Tuning is thus necessary to improve the car’s performance by increasing these limits. The limitation on the performance of a car is usually based on the average needs of car users and laws.  However, some car users may need to have their cars tailored to their own needs. Race cars are often for performance and looks at the body and engine sounds. Tuning involves replacing existing auto parts or modification. Amendment and can participate by adding more pieces to the existing pieces. Tuning commonly is performed in the engine. For example, an engine can be modified to be incorporated with superchargers. A supercharger is generally used for compressing the combustion gases in an engine. Compressors to allow a greater understanding of what more oxygen will be available for combustion to take place at a higher speed. Th